Today September  21 , 2023 you have been randomly selected to participate in this survey. It will only take you a minute and you will have the chance to receive a prize: an E-Bike gift card.

Like every Thursday we randomly give 10 users fantastic prizes. Today's prize is an E-Bike gift card!
Only 10 lucky users who live in BG will be the winners!

This survey is carried out in order to improve the service to our users.

You only have 1 minutes and 24 seconds , to participate.

Question 1 of 4:

Are you a man or a woman?


Question 2 of 4:

How old are you?


Question 3 of 4:

How many people live at your place?

Only me

Question 4 of 4:

Have you ever bought in a store ?


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There are still availabe gifts!

E-Bike E-Bike

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Alina Hackett

I registered, I won and I received my E-Bike after 5 days. Thanks a lot guys!

Like · Comment 8 21 September  2023

Angelina Rachel

Fantastic! I never won anything, but here I was lucky :)

Like · Comment 21 21 September  2023

Blair Hoole

At first I thought it was a joke, but I finally got my E-Bike! I told friends about it, so they could participate too:)

Like · Comment 20 21 September  2023

Dan Newton

I won nothing! prizes were not available when I completed the survey.

Like · Comment 25 21 September  2023

Emily Harris

I won, I won! What a nice surprise in these difficult times!

Like · Comment 13 21 September  2023

lan Dean

I love these promotions!

Like · Comment 7 21 September  2023

Jen Bentley

Are there other inquiries to be made?

Like · Comment 39 21 September  2023

Lynn Cochrane

Have you ever seen something like this? If it doesn't work, try again!

Like · Comment 48 21 September  2023